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Using Testpassport IBM Certification C9010-260 practice material to clear the test easily. C9010-260 candidates are required to master the IT field on IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V2. Testpassport suggests candidates to attend the IBM C9010-260 exam after at least one year working experience on IBM Certified Professional. Obtaining IBM Certified is the very first step to ideal occupation. Improving your technology on IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V2 field, and gaining IBM C9010-260 certification exam can demonstrate your depth and width on IBM technology field.

Share some IBM Certified Sales Specialist C9010-260 exam questions and answers below.
How does POWER8 technology bring to lower TCO? 
A. higher performance core can reduce software license. 
B. RAS feature means that no longer need to spend any cost on a failover system. 
C. Power systems of lower energy consumption can be reduce 20% of the system cost. 
D. Software License and Capacity on Demand make the minimum number of software license core. 
Answer: A

Customers need a 4-core S814 server, which requires 1TB available disk space run the ERP applications. Customers hope to achieve the lowest TCA, at the same time to minimize rack space. 
Which disk storage technology meet these requirements? 
B. Flash 
C. Internal hard disk 
D. Internal solid-state disk 
Answer: A

What is the PVU value of IBM dual socket lateral scale-out system? 
A. 50 PVUs per processor 
B. 70 PVUs per core 
C. 100 PVUs per scoket 
D. 120 PVUs per system 
Answer: B

A customer has an application that requires the following: 
- 21 cores 
- 24 by 7 operation 
- High I/O bandwidth 
- Lowest TCO 
Which solution will satisfy the requirements? 
A. Two S822 
B. Two S814 
C. Two S824 
D. One E870 with two client partitions 
Answer: A

An application has a high availability requirement and is implemented with two local partitioned POWER8 servers and one remote partitioned POWER8 server. One local server runs production and replicates data to the backup local server. The backup local server replicates data to backup remote server. 
What is the minimum number of HMCs required to support the sites? 
A. 4 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 1 
Answer: B

Which P0WER8 technology features contribute the most to lower TCO? 
A.CAPI and transactional memory 
B.High performance cores and SMT 
C.PCIe Gen3 support and Hot Plug adapters 
D.First Failure Data Capture and Thermal Power Management Device 
Answer: B

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