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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-223-ENU exam questions and answers below.
When performing service operational status check, which of the following is true? 
A. When check the multicast forwarding information, run "display multicast forwarding-table" command to check the Layer 2 multicast forwarding entries. 
B. When checking the multicast routing protocol, run "display multicast routing-table" command to check the multicast routing table. If PIM-SM is used in the intra-domain multicast routing protocol, IGMP is not enabled on the interfaces connected to the multicast group. 
C. When checking VRRP status, you can run "display vrrp" and "display vrrp statistics" commands to check. The "State" should be in the "Initialize" state. 
D. When checking the anti-attack detection configuration, you can run "display current-configuration | include car" command. There should be anti-attack configuration. If it is not configured, you can use "car" command to configure the attack defense function for the device. 
Answer: D

Coaxial cable is usually used to carry cable television video signal, can not carry data signals. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

Optical power generally uses dbm to represent, which dbm value is the current majority of optical transceiver equipment can receive and identify data? 
A. -30dbm 
B. -10dbm 
C. 10dbm 
D. 30dbm 
Answer: B

The purpose of the cutover start-up coordination meeting is to communicate the project with the customer, and communicate with other project participants is not very important. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

The scope of the project can be defined in three ways, which does not include? 
A. Functional boundaries 
B. Coverage 
C. Investment quota 
D. Engineering Boundaries 
Answer: C

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