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Share some HCNP-R&S H12-222-ENU exam questions and answers below.
According to different requirements, the DHCP server supports multiple types of address allocation strategy, excluding ( ). 
A. Automatic allocation 
B. Dynamic allocation 
C. Repeat allocation 
D. Manual allocation 
Answer: C

Which of the following descriptions about agile controller business accompanying is correct? (Multiple choice) 
A. When the administrator configure the business accompanying, should select the appropriate user authentication point and policy enforcement point. 
B. In the business accompanying, can define the user class security group, this part of the security group members mainly refers to the network of a static network segment or server resources, their IP needs to manually set up a binding with the security group. 
C. In the business accompanying, through a matrix relationship to describe a security group (such as users) to another security group (such as server) access rights relationship. 
D. In the business accompanying, by specifying the forwarding priority of the security group to which some VIP users belong to guarantee the user's network using experience. 
Answer: ACD

HCP Server is responsible for the client IP address allocation. When configuring a DHCP server, what of the following steps are included? (Multiple choice) 
A. Enable the DHCP function globally 
B. Configure Option 82 of DHCP 
C. Configure the global address pool when using DHCP server mode of the global address pool 
D. Configure the port address pool when using the DHCP server mode of the port address pool 
Answer: ACD

Which several common configuration way does VXLAN support? (Multiple choice) 
A. configuration through virtualization software 
B. configuration via SDN controller 
C. configuration through SNMP protocol 
D. automatic configuration 
Answer: AB

ASPF (Application Specific Packet Filter) is a kind of Packet Filter based on the application layer, it will check the application layer protocol information and monitor the application layer protocol status of the connection, and through the Server Map table to achieve a special security mechanism. 
Then which statement about the ASPF and Server map table is not correct? 
A. ASPF monitors the messages in the communication process. 
B. ASPF dynamically create and delete filtering rules. 
C. ASPF through the Servermap table to implement dynamic multi-channel protocol data will be allowed to pass. 
D. Quintuple Server-map table item implements similar functions to the session table. 
Answer: D

Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC Spoofing attack all can lead to information leakage and other hazards, and are more common in the Intranet. 
In order to prevent Man-in-the-Middle Attack or IP/MAC spoofing attacks, which configuration methods can be used? 
A. Configure the Trusted/Untrusted interface. 
B. Limit the maximum number of MAC addresses that allowed to learn on the switch interface. 
C. Open DHCP snooping to check the CHADDR field function in DHCP REQUEST packets. 
D. Configure DHCP snooping on the switch with DAI or IPSG linkage. 
Answer: D

The VPN configuration on a device is as follows: which description of this configuration command is correct? 
A. This command is configured on the CE device of the customer network. 
B. route-distinguisher 1: 1 indicates that the RD value is 1: 1, the RD does not need to be globally unique. 
C. vpn-target 1: 1 export-extcommunity indicates that the VPN export target is 1: 1. 
D. vpn-target 2: 2 import-extcommunity indicates that the VPN import target is 2: 2 and the import target can only set to one. 
Answer: C

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