[2018 New Update] Huawei HCNP-Storage H13-621-ENU certification dumps

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Share some HCNP-Storage H13-621-ENU exam questions and answers below.
On the storage array products, which of the following conditions will lead to LUN write policy change to write through (Select 3 Answers) 
A. management interface failure 
B. fan failure 
C. BBU failure 
D. controller failure 
Answer: B,C,D

When deploy N8000 system by ISM, which of the following characteristic of the management software are not used? 
A. RAID, LUN, iSCSI, target device, connecting LUN creation 
B. resource pool, snapshot, LUN copy deployment 
C. support for the management of the basic characteristics of Symantec's SF, SFS 
D. the storage network management 
Answer: D

For common maintenance tools of storage array, which of the following description is wrong? 
A. information collection tool has the characteristics of graphical interface operation, run across the operating system, multi-language switch and free installation 
B. upgrade inspection tool has the characteristics of automatic judgment inspection items, reduce risk and reduce the skill requirements 
C. the business management function can realize the visual display device of the current topology connection status 
D. DHA service management refers to collecting the hard disk health data/performance data warehousing, support start-stop, set, export, comes back 
Answer: C

What are the common networking methods in SAN practical applications? (Select 2 Answers) 
Answer: A,B

Cache mirroring technology means that data is written to a controller, at the same time, to which module will the data be written? 
A. to end controller mirroring Cache 
B. data safe 
C. the server Cache 
D. the hard disk cache 
Answer: A

In the process of deploy Hostagent, mapped the host command equipment, which components of Hostagent are common used to install? 
A. HyperManager server 
B. InbandAgent 
C. ConsistentAgent 
D. HyperManager client 
Answer: B

What the limited number of add LUN from synchronous remote replication in storage array? 
A. most can add 1 subordinate LUN 
B. most can add 2 subordinate LUN 
C. most can add 4 subordinate LUN 
D. random add subordinate LUN 
Answer: B

The ISM equipment management software support: SMI-S, SNMP and other protocols. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

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